What is Rarity Sniper?

Bottom Line: Rarity Sniper is the most popular multi-chain NFT rarity analytics platform which allows users to identify rare and valuable NFTs that are listed for sale. The platform is currently compatible with over 20 Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains and allows users to get detailed data on over 2000 collections cross-chain.

What is Rarity Sniper?

Rarity Sniper is an NFT analytics platform and community that focuses on helping users determine the rarity of their NFTs. Launched six months ago, it started as a personal rarity tool for the founder, who discovered a high demand for such a service within the NFT community. The platform has since evolved into a Discord server that hosts the Rarity Sniper bot, which provides rarity rankings for NFTs from popular collections like Bored Ape Kennel Club and Cool Cats.

The Discord server rapidly gained popularity as one of the few public rarity checkers at the time, eventually surpassing 250,000 members. Due to the limitations of a single Discord channel, the Rarity Sniper team created multiple channels to accommodate the growing number of users. The platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of its large user base and provide valuable rarity analysis for the NFT community.

How does Rarity Sniper work?

Rarity Sniper works by analyzing the metadata associated with each NFT, such as its name, description, and attributes. It then uses a scoring algorithm to assign a rarity score to each item based on factors such as scarcity, uniqueness, and demand.

By using Rarity Sniper, users can quickly identify valuable NFTs without having to manually search through multiple marketplaces, saving them time and effort while increasing their chances of making a profitable investment in the NFT market.

Rarity Sniper

What Chains does Rarity Sniper support?

Rarity Sniper is a multi-chain NFT analytics tool that currently supports Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Chain, Optimism, Cronos, Flare, Wax, IMX, Tron, Avalanche, Cardano and 10 other networks.

What is NFT Rarity and Why Does it Matter?

NFT rarity refers to unique and valuable characteristics of an NFT that contribute to its perceived value and affect its price in the marketplace. Rarity is important in the NFT market as it makes an NFT more desirable to collectors and investors, potentially increasing its value and future appreciation.

Rarity Sniper helps identify rare and valuable NFTs by using data analysis and machine learning techniques to scan multiple marketplaces and identify items that meet certain rarity criteria, saving time and effort for investors while increasing their chances of making a profitable investment in the NFT market.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Rarity Sniper has established itself as a leading NFT analytics platform and community, focusing on helping users identify the rarity of their NFTs across multiple blockchains. By analyzing metadata and employing a scoring algorithm, the platform simplifies the process of pinpointing valuable NFTs within an ever-growing marketplace. With support for over 20 Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains and compatibility with more than 2000 collections, Rarity Sniper is an invaluable tool for collectors and investors alike.


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