What is DigiDaiGaku?

A short and simple guide overviewing the DigiDaiGaku NFT collection by renowned game design and creation studio Limit Break.

Bottom Line: DigiDaigaku is an immersive NFT-based universe where users embark on quests to transform their Baby Dragons into powerful Giant Dragons. Developed by Limit Break and inspired by anime style, the platform offers a unique feature called "Digi Combining," allowing users to create Digi Heroes with distinct bloodlines, Royal, Warrior, and Rogue, each offering varying rewards. 

The platform emphasizes the importance of strategic choices and patience, as the strongest bloodlines yield the greatest rewards. DigiDaigaku also has plans for an upcoming MMO game, adding another layer of engagement for its community. The platform has garnered a significant following on social media, including over 11.6K Twitter followers, and is noted for its financial, social, and technical performance.

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What is DigiDaiGaku NFT?

DigiDaigaku is a unique NFT collection comprising 2,022 digital characters created by Limit Break, a company founded by renowned game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. With a strong background in the gaming industry through Machine Zone, the creators have successfully launched popular mobile games such as Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike.

The DigiDaigaku universe includes various core collections, crafting collections, and adventure key collections, each offering users different digital collectibles and experiences. Characters in the collections can possess unique traits, powers, and abilities, allowing users to craft heroes, villains, and even dragons. With their strong track record in the gaming industry, the DigiDaigaku team promises a new era of community-driven NFTs and gaming experiences.

DigiDaiGaku NFT

What are DigiDaiku Dragon Eggs?

DigiDaiku Dragon Eggs are a collection of 10 unique digital eggs with arcane powers. Each egg, obtainable on OpenSea, has the potential to birth a dragon. The DigiDaigaku world also includes adventurous Baby Dragons and mighty Giant Dragons, which can be evolved from Baby Dragons using Dragon Essence. This digital collection offers a dynamic and immersive experience for dragon enthusiasts.

What is the floor price of DigiDaiGaku?

The current floor price of the DigiDaiGaku Genesis series is 1.9 ETH with a total of 2021 NFTs in the collection. The total traded volume for the NFT collection is 28,800 ETH since its launch in August of 2022. DigidaiGaku's floor price moved from 0.8 ETH at its inception to a high of 13 ETH before settling back down at 1.9.

floor price of DigiDaiGaku

Who is the artist behind DigiDaiGaku?

There is no specific information available about the artist or artists responsible for the artwork in the DigiDaigaku NFT collection. The project was developed by Limit Break, founded by Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. They have a background in game design and have worked on successful mobile games, but the individual artist(s) for DigiDaigaku have not been mentioned.

Is DigiDaiGaku a Good Buy?

DigiDaigaku might be an attractive investment opportunity for a few reasons. First, the experienced team behind the project, with a proven track record in the gaming industry, could increase the chances of success. Second, the unique combination of digital characters, captivating artwork, and engaging gaming experiences could create a strong demand for NFTs. Finally, the project's focus on community-driven experiences and its popularity within the Crypto Twitter community could help set it up for long-term success. To keep up to date with the latest on DigiDaiGaku, we recommend following their Twitter.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, DigiDaigaku, with its unique NFT collection and immersive gaming experiences, is shaping up as a promising investment for 2023. The project's strong foundations, owing to the experienced team from Limit Break, coupled with its focus on community-driven experiences, make it a standout in the NFT and gaming space. Whether for the captivating artwork, the potential for dragon crafting, or the long-term growth prospects, DigiDaigaku is worth keeping an eye on in the dynamic world of NFTs.


What is the floor price of DigiDaigaku NFTs?
Who are the creators behind DigiDaigaku?
Is DigiDaigaku a good investment?

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