What is Azuki NFT?

Discover everything you need to know about the Azuki NFT Collection. Learn about its origins, fast growth and how its currently valued at over $200 million.

Summary: Azuki is a collection of 10,000 unique, anime-inspired NFT avatars by Chiru Labs, offering access to a space called "The Garden", which blends art, community, and culture. With a current floor price of 4.27 ETH and a collection value of $900M, it ranks as one of the most profitable collections on OpenSea. Chiru Labs plans to bridge digital and physical assets with Azuki Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs) and is innovating in the NFT space with a gamified metaverse, making it a promising brand.

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What is the Azuki NFT?

Azuki NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique avatars that offers membership access to a space called "The Garden". It's a place where art, community, and culture fuse to create magic and where the lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. Created for the metaverse, this collection was launched on January 12, 2022, by Chiru Labs. Azuki is a new kind of brand built by the community for the metaverse, and it offers exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and more over time.

Owning an Azuki NFT grants community members special access to a digital space where Web3 enthusiasts, artists, and builders collaborate to shape a decentralized future. The brand has gained significant attention, amassing millions in sales and royalties, and has become a focal point for discussions around Web3, art, and community building.

Azuki NFT

How Much is an Azuki NFT Worth?

The basic Azuki NFT has a floor price of 4.27 ETH, and its value fluctuates between 12-15 ETH during market volatility, according to data from the Azuki OpenSea. The collection, which consists of over 10,000 unique NFTs, is valued at 625,557ETH or $996,649,923 USD at today's value. Currently, the total volume of the collection places Azuki among the biggest and most profitable collections of all time.

Who Created Azuki?

Azuki was created by Chiru Labs, a team with extensive experience in tech, game design, and branding. The project's co-founders include Zagabond, who had previously participated in three NFT projects before Azuki. While Zagabond's involvement initially caused concern within the community, Azuki has since established itself as a prominent brand in the Web3 space. The collection of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens has been highly successful, thanks in part to the team's focus on quality artwork, rarity, and community engagement. 

What are Azuki PBTs?

Azuki Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs) is a new token standard that aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital assets. Created by Chiru Labs, the same team behind Azuki NFTs, PBTs allow for decentralized authentication of physical goods through on-chain (Ethereum) technology.

PBTs have a unique "scan-to-own" feature that enables users to verify the authenticity of physical items by simply scanning them with their phones. Chiru Labs plans to implement PBTs with the Azuki brand by using the cryptographic BEAN chip on a series of nine golden skateboards, which will be tied to the Azuki story.

Is Azuki a Good Investment?

Azuki is considered a promising NFT collection due to its success in the market and community engagement. Its anime-inspired designs, rarity, and storytelling prospects have made it stand out among other PFP collections. The brand's commitment to transparency, utility, and community involvement has also helped build trust among collectors. The development of physically backed tokens and plans for a gamified metaverse further add to Azuki's potential for growth and innovation.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Azuki is a prominent Web3 brand with a collection of 10,000 unique anime-inspired NFTs, which sold out instantly and generated significant revenue during its launch. Developed by Chiru Labs, Azuki boasts high-quality artwork, rarity, and community engagement and is valued as one of the most profitable NFT collections to date. With plans for a gamified metaverse and innovative Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs) to bridge the gap between digital and physical assets, Azuki shows promise for continued growth and innovation in the NFT space.


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