Michael Saylor Net Worth

Bottom Line: Michael Saylor is the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, a data intelligence company. He is also a prominent figure in the Cryptocurrency industry and an advocate for Bitcoin. Michael’s estimated net worth is around $2 billion as of 2023.

Who is Michael Saylor?

Michael Saylor is a renowned American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, best recognized as the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence and data analytics company established in 1989. He is also a leader in the world of digital assets and has garnered attention for his bullish stance on Bitcoin and his company's substantial investments in the Cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, he has authored the book "The Mobile Wave" which explores the transformative potential of mobile technologies. Through his Saylor Academy, Michael has made strides in promoting accessible, high-quality education by offering free online courses to students worldwide. He has offered these free services through his academy since 2008 and it currently boasts over 100 full-length courses at the college and professional level.

Michael Saylor

What is Michael Saylor's Net Worth in 2023?

Michael estimated net worth is reported to be around $2 billion as of 2023. This figure is based on several sources including Forbes and Wikipedia. This considerable fortune can be attributed to his role as co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy. Over the years, the company's success, fueled by a diverse range of clients and innovative solutions, has significantly boosted Saylor's wealth. 

How did Michael Saylor make his fortune?

He amassed his fortune primarily as the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy. Under his leadership, the firm successfully navigated the rapidly evolving technology landscape and delivered cutting-edge solutions, catering to a diverse clientele that includes Fortune Global 500 companies. MicroStrategy's 1998 IPO and subsequent growth contributed significantly to Saylor's wealth. 

Additionally, his strategic investments in digital assets like Bitcoin have further enhanced his fortune, as he is known for embracing Cryptocurrencies as a key component of MicroStrategy's treasury management strategy. Saylor's prescient business decisions and commitment to innovation have cemented his status as a successful entrepreneur and influential figure in the worlds of technology and digital assets.

How much Bitcoin does Michael Saylor own?

Michael has accumulated a remarkable 130,000 Bitcoin on his balance sheet, with a total investment of slightly above $3.4 billion. This noteworthy acquisition was financed through a combination of a $1 billion equity offering, four debt deals, one margin loan, and three separate bond offerings. These financial maneuvers coincided with the announcement of the company's earnings for the second quarter.

Does Michael Saylor have Social Media?

Yes, Michael Saylor is active on several social media platforms. You can follow his work or contact him through one of the following links to his social media profiles:

  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/saylor 
  2. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjsaylor 
  3. Personal Biography: https://www.michael.com/ 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Michael Saylor is an influential entrepreneur and visionary who has made significant strides in the realms of business intelligence and Cryptocurrency. As the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, he has played a pivotal role in driving the company's success and has amassed a net worth of around $2 billion as of 2023.


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