How to Buy Crypto with Alipay

Bottom Line: Alipay does not support directly buying cryptocurrencies due to China's regulatory approach and financial stability concerns. However, Alipay users can deposit Chinese Yuan (CNY) into cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and trade digital assets. Despite its restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions, Alipay remains a key gateway for investing in digital assets in the Chinese market.

Does Alipay Support Crypto Buying?

Alipay, the digital wallet service provided by Ant Group, does not support the buying of cryptocurrencies. That said, Alipay account holders can still deposit Chinese Yuan (CNY) into third-party digital asset trading platforms available in China, like Binance or Bybit, to buy, sell and trade digital assets.

What is the Top Exchange for Alipay?

If you're an Alipay user, particularly in the Chinese market, we highly recommend Binance for your cryptocurrency investing and trading. This recommendation is rooted in Binance's seamless integration with Alipay, facilitating smooth and efficient deposits of Chinese Yuan (CNY) through their P2P trading features.

How to Buy Crypto with Alipay

As outlined above, Alipay users can safely dive into the world of crypto assets through the Binance exchange. Binance enables quick and free deposits through Alipay for trading an extensive range of assets with spot, derivatives and options contracts.

Get started on your journey into cryptocurrency investment with this simple guide:

  1. Visit Binance and register your account.
  2. Select the ‘Buy Crypto’ button in the menu and choose CNY as your deposit method.
  3. Input the amount of CNY you want to deposit and the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  4. Confirm the transaction and select ‘Alipay’ to deposit funds & complete your trade.
How to Buy Crypto with Alipay

Alipay Cryptocurrency Policy

Alipay maintains a strict policy against cryptocurrency transactions, including Bitcoin. The platform, in alignment with China's general regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies, prohibits these transactions due to financial stability concerns. 

Alipay monitors transactions in real-time to ensure compliance, stopping any payments related to cryptocurrencies. While some exchanges like Binance have allowed Alipay for peer-to-peer transactions, this isn't officially endorsed by Alipay. Always check the latest policies and local laws before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Alipay maintains a strict policy against direct cryptocurrency transactions, users can still tap into the digital asset world through exchanges like Binance. This approach allows Alipay users to deposit Chinese Yuan (CNY) seamlessly and trade various cryptocurrencies. 

Despite the restrictions, Alipay remains a vital link for those wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies within the Chinese market. Always remember to comply with local regulations and stay updated with Alipay's latest policies for a safe and secure crypto trading experience.


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