How to Bridge to Solana

Bottom Line: Bridging directly to Solana from an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible exchange like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum or Binance Smart Chain is difficult because the chains leverage different programming languages. This means there are not many safe and easy-to-use cross-chain bridges that support direct bridging to Solana.

We recommend using a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports Solana withdrawals like Bybit to bridge assets to the network. With this method, you can deposit ETH, USDC, and other tokens to Bybit and withdraw them to any SOL wallet address with low fees instantly. This way you can avoid the high fees you face when bridging on-chain.

How to Bridge to Solana (SOL)

As outlined above, it can be difficult to bridge directly to Solana from Ethereum or other blockchains due to the differences in programming languages. However, using a centralized exchange like Bybit can provide a simple and secure way to bridge assets to Solana. Bybit provides instant account verification and is accessible from any country worldwide.

Here is a simple step-by-step breakdown to help you get started:

  1. Sign up to the Bybit platform and complete the verification process.
  2. Send any available token to your Bybit wallet and swap it for Solana on the platform.
  3. Open the 'Withdrawals' page and select Solana.
  4. Input the SOL address you want to withdraw funds to and process the withdrawal.
Bridge to Solana

Solana Bridging Costs

The fees to bridge to Solana using an on-chain platform like Portal or Allbridge can be up to $30 per transaction. However, when using a centralized solution like Bybit or another platform, the fees to bridge to Solana are under $1 as you can avoid the gas fees that are charged on-chain.

How does Solana Bridging Work?

Solana bridging operates by moving tokens from a different blockchain network, like Ethereum or Polygon, over to the Solana network. This transfer is executed using a cross-chain bridge, effectively connecting the two separate networks. The procedure generally necessitates sending tokens to a designated smart contract address on the originating network. This address then secures these tokens in escrow while the bridge fabricates an equivalent amount of tokens within the Solana network.

What are good on-chain bridges for Solana?

There are not many good decentralized options for bridging to the Solana blockchain. The most popular cross-chain bridge right now is Portal. However, they have experienced two smart contract exploits in the past for over $100m. The lack of options is why we recommend using a centralized exchange like Bybit or Binance to perform a bridge to Solana.


The Bottom Line

To sum up, bridging to Solana from other blockchains can be challenging due to differences in programming languages, making centralized exchanges like Bybit a recommended option for safe and easy asset transfers. Although there are few decentralized options for bridging, the fees for bridging through a centralized exchange like Bybit are significantly lower than on-chain solutions. With this guide, you can get started bridging assets to Solana and take advantage of the DeFi and NFT opportunities available on the network.


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