Get Shibarium Testnet Tokens

A simple guide on getting Shibarium testnet tokens from the official Shibarium Faucet. Get started in minutes and get free SHIB and BONE tokens on testnet.

Bottom Line: Shibarium Testnet tokens can be acquired at no cost by requesting them from the official Shibarium Faucet. To accomplish this, users should first install a compatible wallet, such as Metamask, then navigate to the Shibarium Faucet and connect their wallet to request complimentary testnet tokens. The entire process is straightforward and takes only a minute to complete.

Get Started

Make a secure transaction through the verified website URL.

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How to Get Shibarium Testnet Tokens from Faucet

The most convenient method to obtain Shibarium Testnet tokens is through a reputable faucet, such as, developed by the Shibarium team. Requesting Shibarium Testnet tokens from the faucet is completely free and only necessitates an Ethereum-compatible wallet, like MetaMask.

Get your free Shibarium Testnet Tokens with this short guide:

  1. Visit the Shibarium Faucet and connect your MetaMask, Coinbase, or alternative wallet.
  2. Request Goerli BONE or Puppy Net BONE and input your address.
  3. Click ‘Submit’, and the tokens will arrive to your Shibarium Testnet account.
Get Shibarium Testnet Tokens

What to do with Shibarium Testnet Tokens?

Shibarium Testnet tokens enable users to explore the Shibarium network risk-free. With these tokens, you can develop and test smart contracts or DApps (decentralized applications), familiarize yourself with the Shibarium Beta applications, and cover gas fees for test transactions, all without using real assets. You can also test Shibarium Staking by becoming a testnet validator.

What is Shibarium?

Shibarium, initially proposed by Ryoshi, creator of Shiba Inu, is a Layer-2 blockchain solution aimed at achieving true decentralization and reducing transaction costs in the Shiba ecosystem. As a secure, transparent, and cost-effective platform, Shibarium facilitates faster transactions and serves as a bridge between different ecosystems. Built on the Ethereum infrastructure, it addresses the high gas fees issue and supports the development of decentralized applications (DApps) within the Shiba Inu community. Its proof-of-stake algorithm, using BONE tokens, ensures network security and encourages validators to contribute to the blockchain's success.

The Bottom Line

To recap, getting Shibarium Testnet tokens is a simple & secure process through the official faucet, allowing you to explore the innovative Shibarium network without any financial risk. By utilizing these tokens, you can develop, test, and perfect smart contracts, DApps, and familiarize yourself with the Shibarium Beta applications, all while covering gas fees for test transactions.


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