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Bottom Line: Bybit is a cryptocurrency trading platform serving over 180 countries, but it restricts services in the U.S., mainland China, Singapore, and other regions due to regulatory constraints and international sanctions. 

Bybit, originally based in Singapore, has relocated its headquarters to Dubai due to its more crypto-friendly regulations. Expansion into currently restricted areas like the U.S. will depend on Bybit's ability to comply with local regulatory requirements.

Bybit Supported Countries

Bybit is one of the largest global crypto trading platforms that is accessible in over 180 countries with native support in over 18 languages. The exchanges is widely regarded for their fast and secure onboarding process, with account verifications available in every country within an hour of submission.

Bybit Restricted Countries

Bybit faces regulatory constraints leading to service restrictions in several countries, these include:

  • United States
  • Mainland China
  • Singapore
  • Quebec and Ontario in Canada
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Uzbekistan
  • Certain areas in Ukraine
  • Other locations where Bybit decides to halt its services.

These restrictions exist due to variations in cryptocurrency regulations in different jurisdictions and the necessity to comply with international sanctions and anti-money laundering laws. Furthermore, Bybit does not offer services to individuals or entities on sanction lists such as the U.S. Treasury Department’s List of Specially Designated Nationals or Blocked Persons, the EU’s Consolidated Financial Sanctions List, and the UK Sanctions List.

Bybit Supported Countries

Will Bybit Offer Services in the US?

Bybit does not operate in the U.S. and has not made any announcement to offer services in the near future. This is because Bybit does not comply with regulatory frameworks for digital asset exchanges set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

This could change if Bybit complies with U.S. regulations and obtains required licenses. 

Where is Bybit Located?

Bybit is now headquartered in Dubai after relocating from Singapore due to the regulatory hostility of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) against the digital asset sector. Bybit moved their HQ to the United Arab Emirates after the country began implementing a progressive regulatory regime that was incentivizing large exchanges like Bybit and Binance to move to the nation.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Bybit, a globally recognized cryptocurrency trading platform, operates in over 180 countries but excludes certain regions due to localized regulatory constraints and international sanction requirements. Notably, the U.S., mainland China, and Singapore are among the restricted areas. 

Bybit's move to Dubai reflects the platform's strategy to align with progressive regulatory environments. Future expansion to restricted jurisdictions like the U.S. remains uncertain and would require Bybit to satisfy specific regulatory conditions.


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