How to Buy Stocks with Crypto

Bottom Line: Investors can now buy stocks with cryptocurrencies via regulated multi-asset brokers such as eToro, connecting traditional and digital asset markets. Users deposit cryptocurrencies, convert to fiat, and then purchase assets like stocks.

While mindful of transaction fees, investors can broaden their portfolios either by directly purchasing stocks with crypto or investing in 'crypto stocks' such as Coinbase or MicroStrategy. As digital finance evolves, these emerging opportunities highlight the necessity of careful research and due diligence.

Can you Buy Stocks with Crypto?

Yes, it is possible to buy stocks with cryptocurrencies through a secure and regulated multi-asset broker. These platforms offer cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, ETFs and more, allowing users to seamlessly buy, sell and trade across multiple asset classes.

These multi-asset brokers essentially act as a bridge between the traditional financial markets and the emerging digital asset space. They allow users to deposit cryptocurrencies, which can then be converted into fiat currencies for the purchase of traditional assets like stocks.

How to Buy Stocks with Crypto

To safely purchase stocks using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, opt for a reliable, licensed multi-asset exchange. This enables investors to deposit cryptocurrencies, convert them to fiat, and trade them for various assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities.

Our research highlights eToro as the leading platform for investing in stocks with crypto. As a prominent multi-asset broker, eToro offers access to 3,000+ cryptos, stocks, and more across 100+ countries. Follow these concise steps to begin:

  1. Visit eToro and sign up an account.
  2. Open your crypto wallet and deposit a coin or token to the address.
  3. Sell the token (e.g BTC) for fiat (USD) on the platform.
  4. Find the stock you want to buy on the platform and execute the trade with your fiat funding.
Buy Stocks with Crypto

What are the Fees?

When it comes to transacting with cryptocurrencies to buy stocks, various fees might come into play. While I'm unable to provide specific fee structures due to the lack of real-time updates, the typical fee categories are outlined below:

  1. Deposit Fees: This is a fee you might incur when transferring cryptocurrencies into your account on a chosen platform.
  2. Conversion Fees: These are charges you might face when you exchange your cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies or directly into stocks. These fees help cover the cost of facilitating the exchange process.

Please note that the actual fees can vary significantly based on the platform and the specific transaction. We recommend eToro over other platforms because they offer a competitive fee structure with fee-free deposits, zero commission trading and tight spreads.

Can I Buy Crypto Stocks?

Investors seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency market, without buying the digital assets themselves, can turn to 'crypto stocks'. These are shares in publicly traded firms with substantial involvement in the cryptocurrency industry. 

A prime example is Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN), the titan of crypto exchanges, which went public in April 2021. Another major player is MicroStrategy Inc. (MSTR), a business intelligence firm that's made significant headlines for its hefty Bitcoin portfolio.

Bottom Line

In summary, secure multi-asset brokers like eToro now make buying stocks with cryptocurrencies feasible, smoothly bridging traditional and digital asset spaces. While mindful of transaction fees, investors can diversify their portfolios by converting cryptocurrencies to fiat for stock purchases or through 'crypto stocks' like Coinbase or MicroStrategy. As the finance world evolves, these innovative opportunities underscore the importance of comprehensive research and due diligence in successful investing.


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