How to Buy Crypto with Wise

Bottom Line: For Wise customers in Europe, the US, and beyond, purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires a regulated exchange. Users can conveniently transfer funds in their preferred fiat currency and payment method, such as SEPA, ACH, or PayID, to a crypto platform.

After thorough evaluation of over 30 top platforms compatible with Wise, our experts have designated eToro as the leading choice for buying and selling crypto assets. eToro offers instant, fee-free Wise deposits across 40+ currencies and zero-cost cryptocurrency trading.

Can I Buy Crypto with Wise?

Wise does not directly support the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, users of Wise can effortlessly transfer their funds to reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It's essential for investors to opt for a digital asset exchange that is compliant with the necessary regulations set forth by governing bodies like the Financial Conduct Aurhority (FCA) in the UK or ESMA in Europe. This step ensures the safeguarding of your assets and highlights the operational integrity of the chosen platform.

How to Buy Crypto with Wise

For those using Wise and interested in venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies, the ideal path would be to use a digital asset exchange that adheres to stringent regulations laid down by global regulatory authorities. A renowned choice among such platforms is eToro, which allows swift and secure transfers in a variety of currencies including Wise's multicurrency accounts. They offer multiple payment methods, including Bank Transfers and Debit Cards.

Here's a succinct guide to get started on your cryptocurrency trading journey via eToro:

  1. Sign up for a free account on eToro and complete their user verification process.
  2. Select the 'Deposit Funds' option, choose your preferred method, and transfer funds from your Wise account.
  3. Use the search bar to locate the cryptocurrency you're interested in, and click on 'Trade'.
  4. Enter the quantity you want to buy and then click on 'Open Trade'.
How to Buy Crypto with Wise.

Wise Bank Crypto Policy

Wise, formerly TransferWise, demonstrates its forward-thinking approach by enabling customers to conduct transactions with digital asset exchanges that are under the vigilant regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This policy displays Wise's unwavering dedication to modern, customer-focused solutions, thus providing an intuitive and safeguarded pathway for clients curious about venturing into the complex domain of cryptocurrencies. By integrating this transformative financial technology into its traditional money transfer services, Wise is steadfastly bridging the gap between traditional banking and the nascent world of digital assets.

Deposit and Trading Fees

Before delving into the cryptocurrency market with Wise, it's essential to understand the potential fees:

  • Transfer Charges: Unlike many crypto exchanges that waive deposit fees, Wise may apply charges. It's recommended to confirm these specifics with Wise. Transactions may incur a fee, potentially over 2%.
  • Trading Costs: Crypto trading platforms often apply a spread, a small fraction of each transaction, varying by cryptocurrency and platform, generally around 1%. Fee structures can vary across platforms.

Be sure to review the latest fee information from Wise and your chosen trading platform. This way, you can optimize value and investment execution in your cryptocurrency trading endeavors.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Wise users can transfer funds to regulated crypto exchanges like eToro, though direct crypto purchases aren't available. Wise's approach bridges traditional banking with digital assets, demonstrating its commitment to modern solutions. However, potential transfer charges and trading costs must be considered. It's crucial to stay informed about fees from Wise and your chosen platform for optimal crypto investment.


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