How to Buy Crypto with UBS Bank

Explore how UBS Bank customers can invest in cryptocurrencies through regulated exchanges in Switzerland, ensuring secure transactions.

Bottom Line: UBS Bank does not provide any native banking services that support the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies through their e-banking app. Customers must use a regulated digital asset exchange in Switzerland and transfer CHF or EUR from their accounts to invest in crypto. Following our detailed examination of the top options, we found that eToro is the best for UBS customers as it provides instant Swiss Francs deposits. It supports thousands of digital currencies, stocks, ETFs, precious metals, currencies, and indices. eToro is a global platform accessible in several languages, including French, German, and Italian.

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.
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eToro is the best crypto investing platform for UBS Bank clients due to its fast CHF & EUR deposits, diverse asset range, competitively low fees, 24/7 multilingual support in 27 languages and robust security, ensuring a highly regulated and secure trading experience.

Can I Buy Crypto with UBS Bank? 

‍Certainly, UBS Bank clients looking to explore the world of cryptocurrencies have the option to engage in trading through digital currency exchanges within Switzerland. It's important to note that UBS Bank itself doesn't offer direct trading services but it permits customers to transfer funds to platforms accepting deposits in CHF and EUR. Choosing an exchange that adheres to European regulatory standards is essential. Such adherence ensures its credibility and safeguards your digital asset investments.

How to Buy Crypto with UBS Bank 

UBS customers can securely invest in cryptocurrency through external, regulated exchanges. One notable platform for such transactions is eToro, which operates under the oversight of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), holding license number 109/10. eToro is recognized for its strict compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, providing a trustworthy trading environment.

UBS Bank customers can delve into digital currency investments with confidence, assured by the knowledge that their transactions are within a compliant framework. Here is a straightforward process for UBS Bank customers to begin trading in digital currencies:

  1. Create an account on eToro and complete all required identity verification steps.
  2. Click 'Deposit Funds' and select a suitable payment method to transfer funds from your UBS Bank account.
  3. Go to the search bar, find your desired asset and click the ‘Trade’ button.
  4. Input the investment amount you're comfortable with and confirm your purchase by clicking on 'Open Trade'.
How to Buy Crypto with UBS Bank.

UBS Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

UBS Bank offers its customers a simple and safe route for investing in cryptocurrencies through partnerships with regulated digital currency exchanges. This strategy ensures that the platform for transactions is both secure and dependable. UBS Bank's guidelines support the movement of funds to and from exchanges that are regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and other European regulatory agencies. Utilizing an exchange that is subject to oversight by these authorities is crucial to adhering to the regulatory standards prevalent in the European financial markets.

Deposit and Trading Fees 

When embarking on your cryptocurrency journey with UBS Bank, be mindful of the potential expenses. Here is a concise summary of the typical fees found on platforms:

  • Deposit Fees: UBS Bank might enforce transfer fees, unlike many cryptocurrency trading platforms that refrain from applying deposit charges. Notably, deposits made with a credit card could lead to a cost of over 2%.
  • Trading Fees: Most exchanges often apply a spread, a part of each transaction. The spread's value fluctuates depending on the token and the platform, generally around 1%. Additional costs might also be charged for holding positions past normal trading hours or during weekends.

Always remember that fee structures can differ between platforms. Constantly cross-check the most recent fee details with your trading platform and UBS Bank to prevent any unforeseen expenses.

‍About UBS Bank

UBS Bank, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, stands as one of the world's largest and most respected global financial institutions. Renowned for its robust wealth management services, UBS also excels in investment banking, asset management, and retail banking, catering to a diverse clientele that includes affluent individuals, corporations, and governments. 

The bank is distinguished by its extensive global presence, operating through a network of offices across various continents, and is lauded for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and ethical banking practices. With its deep roots in Swiss banking excellence, UBS continues to play a pivotal role in the global financial landscape, adapting to evolving market demands while maintaining a strong focus on clients and financial stability.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, UBS Bank does not currently offer any native banking services that support crypto trading, but its customers can still invest in digital currencies by using regulated exchanges. Our expert team identified eToro as the best option as it provides a multilingual interface to trade over 3,000 assets including digital assets, stocks, currencies, ETFs, commodities, and indices. Additionally, it provides instant CHF and EUR deposits, allowing Swiss investors to immediately acquire tokens like Bitcoin.


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