How to Buy Crypto with ACH Transfer

Bottom Line: Most digital asset exchanges in the US accept ACH transfers. However, the safety and reliability of each platform can differ, making it essential to choose one registered with FINRA, the crypto regulatory body in the United States. Our comprehensive evaluation of the leading cryptocurrency investment platforms accepting ACH Transfers has led us to conclude that eToro is the best choice. As a multi-asset exchange, eToro offers access to several asset classes, including crypto, stocks, indices, fiat currencies, commodities, and ETFs.

Can I Buy Crypto with ACH Transfers?

Yes, ACH transfers are widely accepted by numerous cryptocurrency exchanges across the United States and beyond. Utilizing ACH transfers allows you to invest in digital assets on various trading platforms in a secure and efficient manner. To safeguard your investments, we recommend choosing an exchange that is fully licensed and regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) or a similar authoritative body like FINRA.

‍How to Buy Crypto with ACH Transfers

As mentioned above, US investors who want to purchase cryptocurrency with ACH transfers should use a secure and regulated digital asset exchange like eToro. It is one of the only global platforms that offer free and instantaneous ACH deposits in US dollars. Additionally, it offers low trading fees of just 1%, making it the most affordable exchange in the United States.

American investors can buy, sell, and trade digital currencies with ACH transfers by following this short guide:

  1. Open a free account on eToro and complete the verification process.
  2. Click 'Deposit Funds', pick ACH as your method, and deposit USD.
  3. Go to the search bar, locate the desired token, and click 'Trade'.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click 'Open Trade'.
How to Buy Crypto with ACH Transfers

ACH Transfer Cryptocurrency Policy

ACH Transfer technology significantly elevates the functionality of financial platforms, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency transactions. By creating robust and seamless connections to users' bank accounts, ACH Transfers facilitate quick onboarding and immediate capital injection for crypto exchanges. It's important to note that this payment method is generally compatible only with platforms that are regulated by the United States' Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) or similar authoritative bodies.

What are ACH Transfers?

An ACH transfer, or Automated Clearing House transfer, is a secure, electronic method for transferring funds between financial institutions within the United States. This efficient system, facilitated by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), allows for the streamlined movement of money, such as direct deposits, bill payments, and peer-to-peer transactions.  ACH transfers are prevalent due to their cost-effectiveness, speed, and reliability, offering users a convenient alternative to traditional paper checks and wire transfers. In essence, these transfers provide a vital backbone for everyday financial transactions.

The Bottom Line

To recap, ACH transfers are a secure, cost-effective, and efficient method for purchasing cryptocurrencies in the United States. Our extensive evaluation of various digital asset exchanges reveals eToro as the best platform for ACH transfers, owing to its user-friendly interface, low fees, FINRA and FinCEN regulatory compliance, and diverse offerings spanning multiple asset classes.


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