How to Bridge to Aptos

Bottom Line: Based on our analysis of the top cross-chain bridges that support the Aptos network, we found that LiquidSwap has the best overall user experience. LiquidSwap is the official bridge for Aptos that was built by LayerZero Labs (Stargate Finance team) and supports fast multi-chain swaps to Aptos from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain and other chains.

How to Bridge to Aptos Network

As outlined above, the safest and most trusted cross-chain bridge for Aptos is the LiquidSwap Bridge built by LayerZero and Pontem Network. This platform allows users to connect their MetaMask (or alternative EVM Wallet) and their Aptos Wallet to safely bridge assets between 8 different chains. The bridge currently supports USDT, WETH, USDC, BTC.B, ETH and CAKE tokens.

Here is a simple 4 step guide to get started:

  1. Visit LiquidSwap and connect your wallet.
  2. Select the chain you want to bridge assets from and Aptos as your destination.
  3. Select the token you want to bridge to Aptos and input the amount.
  4. Preview the transaction and select 'Send' to complete the bridge.
Bridge to Aptos

How Long Does it Take to Bridge to Aptos?

Bridging to Aptos Network from an EVM Chain like Ethereum or Arbitrum will take less than 10 minutes for the tokens to settle on your Aptos Wallet. However, bridging back from Aptos to an EVM chain may take up to 3 days. You can read their official tutorial for more information.

What are the Fees?

Costs for bridging to the Aptos blockchain vary based on the originating network. Transferring tokens from the Ethereum mainnet incurs higher fees, averaging $25-$35, depending on gas fees. For Layer 2 networks like Arbitrum or Optimism, fees range between $1 and $2.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain designed to enable faster, safer, and more straightforward smart contracts. It employs a new programming language called Move, which facilitates flexible yet high-performance applications on the Aptos blockchain. The platform is particularly optimized for decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming applications.

The Aptos blockchain was developed by the team behind Facebook's (now Meta's) blockchain project, formerly known as Libra. Aptos is a fork of the open-source code used to create Libra's testnet and has been rigorously tested by some of the industry's leading experts.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you're looking to safely and easily bridge assets to the Aptos Network, the LiquidSwap Bridge developed by LayerZero Labs and Pontem Network is the most recommended option. With support for multiple chains and a user-friendly interface, it's a great choice for anyone looking to take advantage of Aptos' faster and more secure smart contracts. Just follow the simple 4-step guide we've provided and you'll be bridging to Aptos in no time. Remember that fees and transaction times vary based on the originating network, so be sure to check the official tutorial for more information.


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