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Bottom Line: Brent Johnson (Twitter: @SantiagoAuFund) is an esteemed American financial strategist and investor, most notably serving as the CEO of Santiago Capital. He is most famous for his "Dollar Milkshake Theory" a compelling viewpoint on the enduring strength of the U.S. dollar in the global economy. As of 2023, estimates suggest that Brent Johnson has a net worth in the ballpark of $50 million, a testament to his investment prowess and deep understanding of macroeconomic trends.

Who is Brent Johnson?

Brent Johnson serves as the CEO of Santiago Capital, an investment firm based in Puerto Rico specializing in offering unique financial solutions. He is perhaps best known for his "Dollar Milkshake Theory," a financial concept that has garnered attention for its unconventional take on the future of the U.S. dollar in global markets. Brent is not your typical financial pundit, he often takes contrarian views that challenge the status quo, encouraging investors to look beyond traditional market narratives. 

With a background that spans asset management, financial planning, and macroeconomic analysis, he brings a multifaceted perspective to the table. He is a frequent guest on various financial news platforms and podcasts, where he shares his insights on a range of topics, from currency markets to precious metals and beyond. His analyses are not just surface-level observations, they delve deep into the complexities of market trends, offering actionable advice to investors. 

His credibility is bolstered by his years of experience and the high regard in which he is held within the financial community. His work balances depth and accessibility, making him a go-to resource for those looking to make informed investment decisions. Besides his responsibilities at Santiago Capital, Brent frequently contributes to Real Vision and other podcasts in macro-financial media. He also co-hosts his own show, Markets Milkshakes and Madness, with Jon Kutsmeda.

What is Brent Johnson’s Net Worth in 2023?

Given Brent Johnson's prosperous career as a leading financial analyst and strategist, it's reasonable to speculate that his net worth might be around $50 million. This approximation considers his earnings from his professional role, along with any investments, savings, and assets he may have amassed over time. Additionally, the revenue generated from his subscriber base for his financial insights and advisory services is also factored into this estimate.

What is Brent Johnson’s Dollar Milkshake Theory?

Brent Johnson's Dollar Milkshake Theory posits that despite the United States' increasing debt and monetary easing policies, the U.S. dollar will strengthen rather than weaken in the global financial landscape. According to Johnson, the world's central banks are "mixing" a milkshake of liquidity through various measures like low interest rates and quantitative easing. 

However, due to its status as the world's reserve currency and a safe haven in times of crisis, the U.S. dollar acts like a "straw" that sucks up this global liquidity. As a result, the dollar's value is expected to rise, leading to a series of economic consequences, including increased pressure on emerging markets and a potential global liquidity crisis. This theory challenges conventional wisdom and offers a contrarian view on the future dynamics of the U.S. dollar in the international monetary system.

Is Brent Johnson Bullish on Bitcoin?

While Brent Johnson maintains a cautious approach towards Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency sector, he acknowledges the potential benefit of having a small portion of one's portfolio, around 1%, invested in Bitcoin. This cautious endorsement stems from his understanding of the potential opportunities that the crypto market might offer.

Nonetheless, Johnson predominantly prefers gold as a more stable and time-tested store of wealth, emphasizing its long-standing reputation and resilience in the face of economic uncertainties. He continues to voice concerns regarding the long-term stability and potential regulatory challenges that cryptocurrencies might encounter in the future.

What is Santiago Capital?

Santiago Capital is a wealth management firm led by Brent Johnson. The firm focuses on creating and implementing customized asset and portfolio allocation strategies for high-net-worth clients. These clients range from Fortune 500 executives to wealthy families and entrepreneurs in the technology sector. With expertise in handling equity block trades, 10b5-1 restricted stock plans, private placements, and venture capital stock distributions, Santiago Capital plays a crucial role in managing and enhancing its clients' wealth portfolios.

‍Brent Johnson Social Media

Brent Johnson is a respected figure in the realm of global macroeconomics, often sharing his well-founded views on Twitter. A vocal supporter of prudent monetary policies and international financial stability, his commentary is a go-to resource for understanding complex economic landscapes. To stay in the loop with his latest analyses, opinions, and dialogues with influential personalities in the financial sector, you can follow him on these social media platforms:

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The Bottom Line

​​To summarize, Brent Johnson, renowned financial strategist and CEO of Santiago Capital, is believed to have a net worth potentially exceeding $50 million. This wealth estimate stems from his successful career in global finance, leading to extensive expertise in managing high-value portfolios. His financial acumen and involvement in various financial media platforms solidify his reputation in the field.


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