Bitget Available Countries

Bottom Line: Bitget is a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018, offering a broad range of services, including futures trading, spot trading, and a copy trading feature. Renowned for its security and reliable operations, Bitget supports an extensive list of over 1400 cryptocurrencies enabling users to trade a diverse range of assets. With a strong presence in over 190 countries, it has been adopted by millions of users worldwide, owing to its intuitive interface and multilingual customer support.

Bitget Supported Countries‍

Bitget has solidified its global presence across various regions and is widely accessible in North America, Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa and Oceania. The platform's substantial user base has exceeded 10 million users and is available in almost every country worldwide. However, individuals who appear on sanction lists, such as those designated by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) or the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) may be restricted from using Bitget’s services. Moreover, individuals living in areas of political instability may also encounter certain limitations.


Bitget Restricted Countries

Bitget, a global cryptocurrency exchange, is subject to various restrictions based on regional and national regulations, making its services inaccessible in certain jurisdictions. Notably, Bitget services are currently not available to politically unstable countries such as North Korea. These restrictions exist due to regulatory compliance issues, with the platform abiding by local laws and regulations concerning cryptocurrencies. It's essential for users to keep up-to-date with the exchange's terms of use to ensure compliance in your jurisdiction.

Is Bitget available in the US?

Yes, it does accept users based in the United States. However, due to specific regional online restrictions, these US residents may need to resort to using a VPN to gain entry to the platform.Although using a VPN as a workaround is technically achievable, Bitget strongly encourages its users to abide by local laws and regulations. Using VPNs in this manner could potentially lead to legal ramifications if it violates local stipulations. 

‍Where is Bitget Located?

The company's headquarters is located in Singapore, a hub of financial innovation and the heart of Southeast Asia's growing fintech and cryptocurrency scene. It has also established a broad global presence with offices in various countries worldwide, ensuring it provides comprehensive and localized services to its vast clientele. This strategic placement allows Bitget to stay abreast of emerging cryptocurrency trends and regulations while fostering strong relations with global traders and partners. 

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget is available in almost every country worldwide besides those in politically sensitive and unstable regions. As a global platform, it currently offers support in 22 languages, including English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, French, German, and more. In addition to supporting several languages, it also accepts over 50 fiat currencies.


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How many languages does Bitget support?

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