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Bottom Line: For investors who want to buy Cryptocurrency in Sweden, one of the first steps you'll need to take is to find a reliable Crypto exchange. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. It's essential to ensure that the one you select is both secure and CySEC-regulated, as this will protect your investments. Our team has thoroughly analyzed the best platforms in the country and identified the top 5 exchanges in Sweden:

  1. eToro (Best Overall Crypto Exchange)
  2. Binance (Best Global Crypto Exchange)
  3. Bybit (Best Non-KYC Exchange)
  4. Bitpanda (Best European Exchange)
  5. Uphold (Best Platform for Transparency)

Top Trading Platforms in Sweden

‍We have created a detailed ranking methodology to identify the top crypto trading platforms in Sweden. Our process involves filtering out the non-secure options and assessing each exchange based on various factors such as trading fees, SEK funding methods, deposit limits, security and regulation, and other factors. We have carefully evaluated each factor to determine the Five Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Sweden, which guarantee a safe and reliable trading experience.

1. eToro

eToro has been identified by our team as the best exchange for Swedish investors. We have selected this as the top platform in Sweden for several reasons. Firstly, the platform can be used completely in Swedish (Svenska). Secondly, it offers free and instant SEK deposits and zero trading fees on stocks or ETFs, but a 1% fee on Cryptocurrency. Thirdly, it offers useful trading features such as a virtual trading platform where users can make paper trades with up to $100k to practice strategies without risking their funds. Lastly, it is considered the most secure exchange in the world and is regulated by the CySEC in Europe.

  • Minimum Deposit: $50 USD.
  • Supported Tokens: 92 Cryptocurrencies & 4000+ other assets.
  • Language Options: Swedish, English & 17 other languages.
  • SEK Funding Method: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, Bank Transfer & Trustly.

2. Binance

Binance comes in second place as it also allows its users to use the platform in Swedish. It's a global Crypto exchange that has over 120 million users in 100+ countries including Sweden. It was chosen as the second-best exchange for Swedish investors as it has a wide range of Cryptocurrencies, multiple staking options with high yields, borrowing and lending services, a large DeFi hub with a native wallet, bridge, chain, and NFT marketplace, and much more. Additionally, it is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Swedish FSA).

  • Minimum Deposit: $180 SEK.
  • Supported Tokens: 350+ Cryptocurrencies.
  • Language Options: Swedish, English & 39 other languages.
  • SEK Funding Method: Debit/Credit Card, Wise, Zen, Skrill & Revolut.

3. Bybit

Bybit is the third-best option for Swedish investors as it has the largest selection of Cryptocurrencies on this list, with over 400 tokens to choose from. One major reason we selected Bybit was that it's a Non-KYC exchange, which means that you do not need to verify your identity or physical address in order to use the platform. In addition, it is a feature-rich exchange that offers a vast array of services including Crypto Staking, Crypto Loans, Copy Trading, an NFT Marketplace, Lending Services, and more. It also provided proof-of-reserves which shows users' funds are held 1:1.

  • Minimum Deposit: $95 SEK.
  • Supported Tokens: 400+ Cryptocurrencies.
  • Language Options: English & 21 other languages.
  • SEK Funding Method: Credit/Debit Card, Wise, Swish, Zen, Google Pay & Maestro.

4. Bitpanda

Bitpanda has been chosen as the fourth-best exchange in Sweden as it is considered one of the most secure platforms in Europe. It is based in Austria but offers services to many European countries and is regulated in 10 jurisdictions including Sweden. The only downside of Bitpanda is it doesn't support Swedish as one of its 6 languages. However, it is a multi-asset exchange that offers Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs & Indices. The platform is also highly secure and receives regular audits on their reserves by KPMG to highlight they store users' funds 1:1 on the exchange.

  • Minimum Deposit: $250 SEK.
  • Supported Tokens: 250+ Cryptocurrencies & 2000+ other assets.
  • Language Options: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.
  • SEK Funding Method: SEPA, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill, Credit/Debit Card, EPS & Giropay.

5. Uphold

Uphold is our team's final pick for Swedish investors as the platform cannot be used in Swedish, but it does accept SEK deposits and is considered one of the most secure exchanges in the world. Uphold is regularly audited to prove that their proof-of-reserves hold customers' assets on a 1:1 basis, giving peace of mind to investors in Sweden. It offers several asset classes including Crypto and precious metals like Gold and Silver. Aside from trading services, Uphold also offers a Crypto Card that allows users to spend any of the 250+ supported tokens on real-life purchases.

  • Minimum Deposit: €10 EUR.
  • Supported Tokens: 250+ Cryptocurrencies.
  • Language Options: English & Spanish.
  • SEK Funding Method: Debit/Credit Card, Google/Apple Pay, SEPA & Wire Transfer.

Is Crypto Taxed in Sweden?

Cryptocurrency taxation in Sweden is a relatively straightforward process. All Crypto transactions, including buying, selling, and trading, are considered taxable events, and they are subject to capital gains tax. The amount of tax that you need to pay is based on the profit or loss you make from the transactions. If you hold the Cryptocurrency for more than a year, you are eligible for a reduced tax rate. The tax rate for cryptocurrency transactions is the same as that for other types of capital gains, which is currently 30%.

Is Crypto Trading Legal in Sweden?

Cryptocurrency investing is entirely legal in Sweden. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) recognizes Cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment and has outlined the regulatory framework for digital-asset exchanges and wallets operating in the country. Exchanges and wallet providers must register with the FSA and comply with the country's strict anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations.

The Swedish government is also actively exploring the potential of blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, with several blockchain-based initiatives underway in various sectors, including real estate, logistics, and healthcare. Additionally, Sweden has a robust digital infrastructure and a highly tech-savvy population, which has made it an attractive destination for cryptocurrency startups and investors.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency in Sweden, it's crucial to select a reliable and secure exchange. Our analysis has identified the top five exchanges for Swedish investors: eToro, Binance, Bybit, Bitpanda, and Uphold. These platforms offer a safe and seamless trading experience, with a variety of features, SEK funding methods, and support for multiple languages. Cryptocurrency is legal in Sweden, subject to capital gains tax and regulated by the Swedish FSA. With the government actively exploring blockchain technology and a tech-savvy population, Sweden is an attractive destination for crypto investors.


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